To Wewak

September 18th of 2012, Wewak, Papua New Guinea

There were no flights out of Goroka until Wendnesday, so I decided it’s a better and cheaper plan to take the bus to Madang and fly from there to Wewak. Alarm set to 6am, after a quick tea and afer I packed my things I was in the bus station – a round about near the market. The buses don’t leave until they are full, and in order to get the customers they just drive around the intersection stopping customers and asking where they go. Except that there are three PMVs (private motor vehicle) that go to Madang, and they have to share the clients. I’m not kidding they drove around the intersection for three solid hours, and at 10am the driver decided that he will head to Madang even if there were two more seats to fill. We stop at the gas station of course because all that driving made them run out of it, and then we go again, but we’re not even out of Goroka when we stop for breakfast. And then in Kainatu, another drive aruond intersection to find customers, for only 15 minutes this time. I kept asking if I’m going to make it to Madang airport by 4pm, and the driver says: “Don’t worry 4pm is still too far away”. The roads to are pretty bad aroung both Goroka and all bridges are one lane only, but we did make it to the airport at 4:05, with enough time for me to check in my backpack and board.

In the airport I met a German couple that was also heading to Sepik, we decided to look for a hotel together, but when we walked out of the airport we ran into a helicopter pilot from New Zeeland that works in Wewak, and he let us stay at his house. It was the first hot shower this week.

Heading to the Sepik river for about a week and will probably be without internet until I come back.


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